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Video – Snowboard Kids

With the recent Mario Kart hype, a lot of people have been referring back to what is arguably the best title in the Mario Kart series. And that is Mario Kart 64. However, we can’t help but feel like there is another contender for the best racing game on the N64, and no it’s not Diddy Kong Racing.

Check out our latest video and allow us to explain why Snowboard Kids is the best racing game for Nintendo’s 64 bit beauty.

It’s Not Just Graphics launches new video channel!

Metroid Fusion

We have finally launched our video channel with our favourite parts of Metroid Fusion. Here you can find us trying to entertain you with our thoughts and musings on our favourite games. If you enjoy our first video please subscribe to find out as soon as we put up the next one. If you don’t like the video, disagree or just like to make grown men cry, then feel free to send us a message in the comments section below or on twitter @itsnotjustgraphics